21 Day Fierce Experience Online Course

We hope this mail finds you in good health and hopefully finding the time to attend to matters that have been on hold during our normal, hectic schedules before the lockdown. 

In support of our collective Well-Being during the Coronavirus LOCKDOWN, we have in collaboration with Brett Simpson decided to launch the Fierce Compassion 21-Day Experience for anyone with internet access that needs or wants to benefit from the program to build their and their families’ immunity during this challenging period.

Brett Simpson is a highly qualified and sought-after cancer coach with vast experience and passion to help others after being diagnosed with an unusually aggressive skin cancer. His knowledge and heart-centred approach, combined with his experience within his own cancer journey as a patient, carer, guide and guardian provides him with a unique combination of skills and wisdom to facilitate meaningful shifts in those seeking a soft landing, support and practical tools and a tangible plan towards healing 

Fierce Compassion 21-day program is a practical HEALTH and Well-Being experience combines scientifically supported knowledge into tools and mindful daily practices to bring a greater self-awareness, self-care and physical health in your life through bite-size portions for easy digestion.  Each day will focus on a different aspect of well-being and will be supported through a mind-calming custom meditation, a knowledge nugget, a thoughtful exercise to explore your relationship with the daily theme and extensive research on the topic. The program is designed to support those wanting to enlighten themselves, those wanting to prevent any future dis-ease, and those wanting to heal.

For those wanting to enrol in the experience – special prices for the course have been negotiated for this launch! To enrol or to find out more, please click on the link below: 


There is also a special application available to join the course as a sponsored applicant should you not be financially in a position to pay for the course - to apply, use the ENROL option above and select the appropriate links.

For those that missed the launch Webinar, please click on the link below to view:  


In this Webinar, Brett walked through his brand new "Fierce Compassion" program and why it is important to bring awareness to our daily routine. 

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