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Wellness Centre

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LifeShine Wellness Centre came about through a collaboration of like-minded doctors, holistic healers and individuals who had a vision and passion to create a unique healing space. This tranquil nurturing centre set in Stellenbosch is run by a team of dedicated and specialised staff, offering progressive protocols around the globe to bring you a one-of-a-kind health treatment experience.

Our goal was to create a holistic, comprehensive, multi-therapy treatment facility and information centre for the personalized treatment of patients with immune compromised illnesses, chronic disease or simply wanting to detox and rejuvenate. The aim is to design a nurturing and compassionate healing establishment to help people address, and deal with many conditions in a more natural, non-toxic and holistic way, caused from the stress and environment related to the modern way of life.

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We offer a complete wellness package tying together all forms of health including treatments, emotional support, diet, education and more. We look at optimizing your immune system allowing your body’s functions to operate at its maximum.


We offer a range of different therapies targeting different areas and functions of the body. Each individual is carefully considered and specific individualised programs are put together to delivery treatment. When these treatments work in unison the desired effect of optimum health can be achieved.


This wholesome and functional foods café is based on the healing power of nutritional food by taking a holistic approach to health through the belief that quality of life can be drastically improved by being mindful about what we fuel our bodies with. Only organic and homegrown produce is served and the café is open to both patients and walk-in’s.

Mindful healing

LifeShine offers a wide range of support and coping mechanisms for patients and their families through specialists trained in clinical psychology, access consciousness, lifestyle coaching and various other modalities.


Education sessions form a vital part of our program as we want to empower and equip patients and individuals to embrace the life changing adjustments, continue on diets and support their bodies through supplements and treatments.

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Crnr Klein Helderberg
Road and R44Stellenbosch7600

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