Saturday's Sundown Concert with Desert Rose                                  

What an amazing concert and performance by Desert Rose was experienced by the appreciative audience that braced the Cape Doctor and snuggled into their blankets on the lawn of the LifeShine Wellness Centre.

Desert Rose, widely regarded as international leaders in creating music and performances of sacred healing music, staged a live local performance at the Lifeshine Wellness Centre on 28th November 2020. The sacred musical duo, Lynne and Yusuf, having toured the USA, Malaysia, India and Mozambique before lockdown, did not disappoint the local fans with their offering of  sound healing in this beautiful setting.

Not even the blustery conditions dampened the beautiful sounds that resonated across the Helderberg valley with the moon rising to the Epitah as the crowd was transported to a spiritual paradise of their own making and entered a state of deep relaxation, whilst enjoying healthy food hampers from our restaurant Aura of Eden.

For a while everyone found themselves in the calmness of divine love in the middle of the chaos that surrounds us in these strange times and Desert Rose's spirited voice and music took all that encountered this enchanting performance to a quick journey of connection to love.

This is where the synergy of Desert Rose music and modalities of LifeShine Wellness Center converge - deep relaxation is vital to a healthy body, mind and spirit; it is when true healing takes place at acellular level increasing immunological and organ function through synchronised breathing and heart beat, taking the listener to a sacred place.

We cannot wait for the next rendition of their beautiful sounds and music at LifeShine to take us all into the infinite realm of the inner world.